About us

About us

Aerodrug is the "Aerosol" department of the Diffusion Technique Française - DTF - established on the site of the Faculty of Medicine, of the University of Tours.
This department has been working for more than 10 years in narrow collaboration with the CEPR "Respiratory Pathology Study Center". The CEPR groups the Laboratory INSERM U-1100 "Respiratory Pathologies: proteolysis & aerosoltherapy" managed by the Dr. Mustapha Si-Tahar and the team "Aerosoltherapie and respiratory biologics" managed by the Pr. Patrice Diot, together.

Aerodrug is managed by a committee gathering a representative of the University of Tours, the Inserm U1100 and DTF. This organization allows a total openness for the realization of its studies.

Aerodrug can achieve 3 types of projects:
  • A research project of academic type in collaboration with different laboratories or hospitals.
  • An industrial development project concerning devices for aerosols delivery.
  • A study for a company, an association or a pharmaceutical laboratory wishing to evaluate its device or its aerosol drug.
    These projects can be made with the technical tools of the University of Tours.

Aerodrug makes an academic research, the development of aerosols devices and studies for many other companies (radioisotope imaging, particle size measurement, biochemical assays ...).


The three entities of the committee gathering of Aerodrug

Aerodrug, Faculté de Médecine, Bâtiment M, 10 ter boulevard Tonnellé, 37032 TOURS France.