In vitro aerosol measurements

Crédit photo Alexis Cheziere

- Particle size measurements
  • Laser diffraction : Mastersizer X and Spraytec (Malvern instruments).
  • Cascade impaction :
    • Next Generation Impactor (NGI), model 170, operating at 15, 30, 60 and 100L/min, (MSP corporation),
    • 1000 mL Glass Expansion Chamber (Copley)
    • Copley Inhaler Testing Data Analysis Software CITDAS v3.1 software (Copley)
    • Vaccum pump : Hight Flow Rate Pump (HCP5, Copley) and Low Flow rate Pump (LCP5, Copley)
    • Critical Flow Controller, model TPK 2000 (Copley)
    • DLPI - Decati Low Pressure Impactor (13 stages), operating at 10 and 30L/min (Decati Ltd),
    • Andersen Cascad Impactor (ACI), series 20-800 Mark II, operating at 28.3 L/min (Thermo Andersen),
    • 10-stage cascade impactor, IMPAQ GS-1, operating at 1L/min (California Measurements),
    • 6-stage cascad impactor, AS-6, operating at 15L/min (California Measurements),
    • 8-stage Marple Model 298, operating at 2L/min (Thermo Andersen).

- Output measurement
  • Lungs model to mimic ventilation conditions
    • Dual phase control respirator (Harvard apparatus),
    • Dual adult pnewview system, model 5600i (Michigan Instruments),
    • Neonatal lung model.
  • Aerosol collection
    • Bio-Sampler 5mL (SKC Inc) , Impinger (Ace Glass),
    • Filters (PALL medical, Gelmann, PARI, Respirguard, Air Safety ...).
  • Aerosol assays
    • Electrochemical method using chemical tracer (Fluoride sodium): ionometer Seven go pro SG8 (Mettler Toledo),
    • Radioactive count using radioactive tracer (Technetium 99m): activimeter Capintec CRC-15R (Aries), IsocompI (MGM Instruments),
    • Drug assays methods : spectrophotometry (WPA, LightwaveII), biochemical analyses ...

- Anatomical ENT models
  • Nasal casts (FDM & stereolithography);
  • Head cadaver ;
  • Trachea models.
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