Recent reports of clinical studies with the inhalation chamber IDEHALER

In 2016, two publications reported the Idehaler use holding chamber for inhalation studies.

The first study reported an imaging protocol in asthmatic patients. Greenblatt et al. used the idehaler chamber with the aerogen nebulizer to aerosolize a radioactive tracer and study the aerosol deposition pattern in mild asthmatic subjects breathing He-O2.

In hypertension pulmonary patients, a novel inhaled formulation of sodium nitrite (45 and 90 mg doses) was administrated with the same idehaler system to decrease the pulmonary pressures (Simon et al.).

1-Greenblatt EE, Winkler T, Harris RS, Kelly VJ, Kone M, Katz I, Martin A, Caillibotte G, Hess DR, Venegas JG. Regional Ventilation and Aerosol Deposition with Helium-Oxygen in Bronchoconstricted Asthmatic Lungs. J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Deliv. 2016 jun;29(3):260-72.
2-Simon M, Vanderpool RR, Nouraie M, Bachman TN, White PM, Sugahara M, Gorcsan J3rd, Parsley EL, Gladwin MT. Acute hemodynamic effects of inhaled sodium nitrite in pulmonary hypertension associated with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. JCI Insight. 2016 Nov 3;1(18):e89620.

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